Roomie I’m home!

Roomie I’m home!

Hi Lovies! This semester is super long! I never thought having a roommate would affect me so much!  Sometimes I thought I would just pack up my bag, buy a bus ticket, go home and call it a day!

Roommates. You just cannot afford to pay the hundred dollar full cottage bill by yourself so you definitely need them .And as someone with a roommate, I promise you this.  Your roommate can either be sweet or annoying.

Here‘s to all the roommates that brighten your day and hold your hair when you drunk on love or alcohol: either way just hugs and kisses .What kind of roommate do you have? Read along and comment below:

  1. The Chatter Box

They could be four doors away from you and you can still hear them chatting the ear off another girl with their funny stories .it’s impossible to sleep or study when they are around because they just cannot shut up.

    2.The Nomad

You don’t even remember the last time you saw them because they just never around and if you lucky you can catch a glimpse of their messy bun in the corridors rushing to class. You have no idea where she sleeps.

3.The Messy Bun

She leaves her stuff everywhere .Clothes, shoes, books, leftover noodles from last week, the list goes on. Sometimes she even forgets to comb her hair, take the trash out and clean the coffee she spills.


You have no idea what kind of money she was born into but her closet is to die for. She always has that pink bag to go with her pink outfit and she has clothes straight from the Devil wears Prada and you never have to show up to a party looking like a hobo ever because she is your go-to-closet .

5. Party freak

She is always at every party on campus and she isn’t slowing down anytime soon .

  6.The clown

After a sad day and your mouth is all frowned up she is the one that always cheers you up without even breaking a sweat. They say the funniest things; they always in a jolly good mood.


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