Hey all… so tomorrow is Menstrual Hygiene Day, I bet you didn’t know that existed. It does. Menstruation is such a taboo topic. Apart from it not being spoken about in society, we actually do not even discuss it with our female friends. Most couples do not even talk about it. Why? Now I am not saying shout it out to the whole world, but do not be ashamed of it. It is a natural process made by God for the process of reproduction. What I mean is, if there was no period, there would be no YOU and I. Do we think of it that way, or we just cringe when we think of the blood??

My article today is centered on the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28. Start thinking of your period as something very sacred. I have suffered chronic pain since I was 17 and I am 24 now. You may not think it is important but having a healthy and happy uterus is something very important. An angry one means you could be infertile, you may suffer constant pelvic pain, have abnormal periods and just have constant bleeding too. When that becomes a part of your life, trust me it changes everything. We go all out to look nice and we take care of our hair, nails and skin, but how often do we ensure our vaginas and wombs are healthy and in check? Weird question, but ask yourself if you are eating right or even just treating your lady parts right. Are you? If the answer is yes, well done! But if it’s no, it’s not too late. In this world of technology you can google some info on how to keep hygienic down there and have the material in seconds! Another thing you can do is talk to your girlfriends about the regimes they keep. You may even find you may be facing similar challenges!! But the most important thing is to begin dialogue about it. I am very vocal about my issues with my menses and it has helped a lot of women gain confidence and feel less alone. A whole day has been put aside to commemorate the importance of menstrual hygiene. Let’s take advantage of that and actually become more hygienic during our menstrual cycles. In our last article I presented some ways in which one can be hygienic during their period. Do not take that for granted because being hygienic during menstruation can prevent you from getting infections and save you a lot of time and money. It is not just a period. It is a special process that we must ensure is experienced with care. Be comfortable and take it easy if you can when on your period. If you have severe pains keep a diary and watch how you go for a few months, for example; what you eat or do not eat and then establish what works for you during this time. Hygiene is not only external. It can also be internal. Ensure your mind is healthy too so as to have an open and clear mind during your cycle. Moreover if you feel by any chance that something may be wrong with your cycles PLEASE speak to loved ones about it and also do visit a gynaecologist. Even if they dismiss your claims do not give up until you are 100% sure you do not have a menstrual related condition. I say this not because I am a doctor, but because I went around in circles for 5 years knowing something was wrong with my cycle and only then being told after lots of heart ache and stress that I have Endometriosis. Do not allow any diagnosis to define you, but always make sure you are in control of your body and not vice versa.

So, for now its ciao ciao, enjoy the 28th of May. Menstrual Hygiene Day!