When I got my first visit from Aunt Flo, I cried. I was terrified of the impending doom that awaited me in the near future. My small mind couldn’t comprehend how wearing an extra weight in my panties would certify growing up. Just a few months before, while going on about my business, I had overheard some girls talking about cramps. The way they described cramps –made it seem like a consequence of human negligence on your body and from that day on I was terrified of the monthly visitor that I wanted to pack my luggage, board a plane and never come back to my state of mind.
So when she came –I wasn’t bothered by the blood in my underpants, yikes! But rather the fear of crampy. Honestly, as much as cramps sucks –our great grandmothers had them and so will our children (if you unfortunate).
I remember for a long time –well too long and if we are honest enough to admit; we have relied on the whispers of our friends at lunch, break or buses for vital information –be it dating, college and just plain gossip. So it’s not a surprise that some information might have been distorted on a classic broken telephone gone wrong. Well, I am no Aunt Flo expert –I only know how to write and search and I think it’s high time we demythified some myths.

Quit swimming?

I used the Aunt flo excuse to get away from swimming on days when I just didn’t feel like it . However, you don’t have to quit swimming because you have your period –imagine showing up to the Olympics and missing out on representing your country because you have your period .With the right protection (tampons), you can swim, run a marathon and play basketball without a worry in the world.

You can lose your virginity by using a tampon?

Well biology has taught me that that is not how that works.

Don’t sweat it out?

Never will they come a time when exercise isn’t good for you .If you are like me and get cramps, you must exercise as often as you can.

Pregnancy is a not a concern during Aunt flo’s visit?
Ovulation has no reservation, so she is likely to show up to your doorstep faster than Santa, so there is a chance you might get pregnant. Its a small chance therefore it is not impossible.

28 days later…
Even with a period app and a manual calendar, some days, Aunt Flo will make that surprise visit. Factors that may cause irregular periods include:

Stress (exam time anyone?)Illness
Strenuous exercise

PS: Not all regular cycles are 28 days long!

Sleep through her monthly visit?

She might be your least favourite visitor but she is almost always certain to visit. So what is a girl to do when during the visit your lady parts look like a warzone with survivors. That’s a lot of blood, fortunately for us its only almost four tablespoons of blood. Thus life must go on. Get rid of the pajamas and go make your dreams come true.

Get a pregnancy test, Aunt flo missed her visit!
Sometimes you miss your period because of stress and other issues –however if you engage in sexual intercourse you might want to get a test done if your least favourite auntie doesn’t drop by as scheduled.

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