Up for the challenge , Down for the deed

Up for the challenge , Down for the deed

Happy Friday Lovies !!!

I’ve definitely been in some kind of funk these past couple of days because, I am going through the motions of applying for an internship. I thought it was easy  because I had it all planned out .I would apply ,go for an interview ,get the job, get paid and afford  that new wardrobe I have been wishing for .

But  on the last day of May, right before the coldest winter, I spent the night with a box of tissues, a sneezing nose and swollen eyes because I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. I felt like a complete hopeless case, paralyzed and incapable of achievement.

Social media isn’t helping at all as I have to deal with it head on as I listen to my friends and classmates talk about their exciting yearlong internships and I don’t even have an offer to calm the seas of my mind.

I have yet to nail an interview –better yet a job offer. Internship and job application rejection is the worst feeling a person can get –sometimes you just feel not good enough. People keep telling me to keep looking but they never tell you how they did it .Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place because I just cannot seem to get it.

Looking for an internship is by far the worst experience of a college student-we’ll this college student. I’ll never know why some people just get offers just like that –maybe I am not well connected enough or I just suck in general.

I cannot say that I am not worried because I am but I do know that life maps have a lot of detours and speed bumps and you determine where you going and how you going to get there . One should not never base their worth on the number of interviews they have gone or the number of applications you have sent.


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