My Winter Bucket List

My Winter Bucket List

So here is the deal, I don’t have school for a year and that means no exams for a whole year (I pray that I don’t have supplementary exams), and I don’t know where life will take this sunshine city Chihuahua but wherever nature calls –I will tail away .So, my goal this winter is to have so much fun, to enjoy my internship and bask in the presence of my wonderful family and friends.

This is my bucket list and you welcome to join me in the fun filled winter wonderland of new experiences. I will surely keep you informed about my list.

  1. Go to a concert
  2. Get abs
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Finally go out for coffee with friends
  5. Take a train ride to the Eastern Highlands
  6. Buy nude pumps (yes I don’t own a pair-how embarrassing )
  7. Finish the David Baldacci King and Maxwell series
  8. Read 1st and 2nd Corinthians
  9. Get my nails done
  10. Learn Spanish



Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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