Up for the challenge, down for the dare!

Up for the challenge, down for the dare!

Prowlmag_daretodare challenge

I woke up one morning and decided i did not want to be just another oxygen inhaling earth inhabitant. My college experience had to amount to more than just good grades and a clean record. The first step towards that was to surround myself with the people who encouraged me to be the best version of me that i could be. Shout out to my roommate from second year (among others) who had to sit through my countless one-sided  life altering deep and meaningful conversations about nothing and everything.

The thing that they never tell you though when they encourage you to dare to step out of your comfort zone is that it might all go south. A lot of things can go wrong and you can be left with no option but to use the cards you have been dealt. Never in my wildest dreams did i think that the first time i dare to dare i would have to walk off stage with a half completed performance despite the fact that it had been perfectly rehearsed. Execution is a lot harder than anticipated friends but, that will not slow me down.

All i remember is that at one point i was sitting with my friends discussing how amazing some guy’s afro was then the next moment my name was being called out on stage. It probably would have been a good idea to enquire on when i would be needed on stage because, mentally speaking, i definitely was not prepared when my name was called out and Neither was my dare to dare challenge partner in crime. So there we were standing on stage in a room full of loudly chatting people, hoping to get their attention with our acappella performance with almost no real experience on how to handle a microphone. PS it looks way easier on TV.

The performance did not go as planned, to say the least but, i would not change a thing. The thing about these comfort zone challenges is that even if it is an epic fail, the fact that you tried is progress enough. Not everyone can do it that is why not everyone is doing it, so give yourself that. I thoroughly enjoyed every awkward moment on stage and i will never know if the applause and well dones were because i have very supportive friends and acquaintances or rather they were because the performance was not as bad as i thought it was after all. All i know is i cannot wait for the next opportunity to sing in front of an audience, something i thought i would ever do. Thanks to #ProwlMag_daretodarechallenge. Join the revolution and send us your #ProwlMag_daretodarechallenge stories, warts and all. Email tori@prowl.co.zw or ancillar@prowl.co.zw and ABOVE ALL dare to dare…

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