College Situationships: My Theory of Love

College Situationships: My Theory of Love

Nobody really expects to be the 21 year old who has never dated or been kissed or asked out on a real date. Every pot has its lid and yet this pot seems to not have been paired with one. Interestingly though there is never a shortage in the amount of ineligible bachelors to entertain me. Amidst all this i wonder at my theory on love. Who’s report shall i believe? My broken hearted, jilted friend, my other broken hearted not jilted friend, the bible, the movies or my eyes. In my attempt to figure this out i have been hanging out with:

1)Mr almost right

This is the guy i know from way back when. When we were young #AdeleReference. We almost were but never were and i suppose i always wondered what might have been. So when we reconnected after years of hi’s and goodbyes i found myself wondering if perhaps we could rekindle an old flame


2)Mr Man Crush Monday


This is the guy who you are crushing on from a distance on most days but not on all days because in between all that, you are busy “building your empire” and forgetting of his existence. You only spoke once, and to be honest you would not remember him if you saw him again  but that split second conversation about your mutual interest in fitness made an impression. So you crush on him on those idle days.


3) Mr Emotional Booty Call


Hold your horses it’s still PG up in here. The emotional booty call is the guy who is available to fulfill all the obligations a normal boyfriend would fulfill, because you do not have one. Excluding the physical stuff because let’s face it, im the good ol’ you’ve gotta put a ring on it first girl! So the emotional booty call calls you up or you him to chat and or chill because both of you are single and you are not interested in each other but are decent friends. You have told yourself that you are too young to be getting serious but also too old to be playing mind games so you lay it all down for each other and become each other’s crutches until the real thing comes along. However misguided this situationship might be. He is known as the FWB or Mr Right now.


4)Mr Let me Love you


This guy, like Neyo, Likes to ensure you that he is the kind of guy you can trust. I am no pessimist but, there is something not to be trusted about trusting a person who ensures you they can be trusted. I would rather trust someone who ensures me that they cannot be trusted however rare that scenario is. So he will say and do all the right things and though his intentions might be good, a leopard cannot change its spots, even for you.


5) Mr Right


This is the guy apparently according to some exists but according to others does not exist. He is your secret prayer that maybe one day you will meet someone who will be the full package. Whatever your version of that is. So while you wait you hang around Mr Almost right, Mr MCM, Mr LMLY, Mr EBC and you cross your fingers and hope none of them ruin you for Mr Right

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