It was early last week ,while doing the lazy girl activity of group chat perusing I have come to love so well,that I stumbled upon Wagwan’s App’s Ad .At first glance it seemed like another epic fashion designer’s failed attempt of making designer wear -forgive me I had just seen the sneakers .My small mind wanted to scroll down and keep reading on about some failed celebrity’s marriage till the word APP called out to the geek in me that is .I had always been of the school of thought that no one was going to build an app for students anytime soon unless they go to Harvard first .But I was wrong ,and I am unashamed to say ‘ I was wrong ‘ and so I hunted them down (Hercules style ) on Facebook and begged them (I kid you not lovies ) and here we are well here I am,with the exclusive first interview who says geeks only come from Silicon Valley .

1. What kind of smartphone do you use?

Wagwan: its a Vodafone, earliest smart version

2. Name three of your favourite apps?

Wagwan: Facebook , Wagwan, Crazy about startups

3. What is Wagwan ?

Wagwan: Wagwan is a smart media platform for college students and career driven millenials to access local and international opportunities and relevant information

4.So Its like a directory ?

Wagwan: Not really it comes as an aggregated list of different categories of opportunities that suit the personal interests and academic field of the student
So our perspective of opportunities is not confined to just scholarships, competitions, awards etc but also includes events esp networking where young people can be exposed to these opportunities, and services that students and millennials direly need as they pursue their academics and career

This is how it will work: when the student downloads the app, ‘she’ signs up , we collect relevant info about her interests and study so that all the career content and opportunities that suit her behaviours,interests, Field of study will be availed to her as they come in. Our mantra is “just what matters to you.

There are other distinct functionalities which may not be availed to many at our beta phase, such as that on the events: where if you click interested or attending,the app will notify at the right time on the day of that event. We recognize the fact that students are constantly inundated with drivel and work.they may end up forgetting what matters to them.

5.What inspired Wagwan ?

Wagwan: At the beginning of this year, i got two amazing opportunities, one by an organization called PaNhari, they awarded me a grant for my first startup. Secondly, the cofounder of the same organization shared an opportunity on whatsapp, and i applied and was chosen amongst all students in the world, only 14 where chosen and invited to the USA. As i reflected on these two events one question kept coming “had i not not been on whatsapp, would there be anything to toalk about”. Unfortunately for a lot other young people, they miss these opportunities, because a lot of the organisations that offer them post them everywhere else except through the only channel students are always on 24\7, their phone

That is how we came to the conclusion that there is need for a better way to get the things that matter to the young people’s devices, the same way jokes and skits come on their whatsapp or fb
And by the way its an offline app, one can use it just like your gmail app, you can always read anything in your free time once its loaded

6.what are the benefits of using Wagwan

Wagwan: Students do not miss out on the important things happening around them, both on campus and outside.
Students get access to opportunities that suit their needs, they dont need to search and click everything on google to find these opportunities

Young people find relevant information to share to benefit other students as well

7.Who is behind Wagwan?

Wagwan: there are five of us. Young energetic entrepreneurs
Aswad Tarambwa
Emily Ncube
Takunda Mtee
Simba Mukorera
William Madudike

8.Where can we find the app

Wagwan: When we launch it it will be on google play first then other platforms . but well “shareit” will do as well. You know us students the easier and offline it gets the better
And btw the best advantage is that our app operates offline and online as well
No data no problem!

9.When is it being launched ?

In two weeks, we are ready to roll it.
as for the the website . anytime next week!

So watch that space!

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