“This is the Big Brother House” – My theory on love

“This is the Big Brother House” – My theory on love

“The big brother house is no place for love…for the most part…you walk in, cross your fingers and hope you don’t stumble or fall.”-anonymous 


Welcome to the Big Brother house. That’s what should have been written on the welcome package i received on my first day of university. “The big brother house” would have been a better way to describe what i was walking into. This bittersweet phase of my life known as the “international collegiate experience.”  Ever wondered what goes behind closed books and lax class schedules. I had not really given that some thought but fate made sure i found out.


There i was not so fresh out of high school with an almost degree to cover the gap between leaving High school and starting the med-school journey, so we could conclude that i was not lacking in the experience part.


Brief description of me?I am a good peaceful guy, I have always tried to have a positive outlook on life but, i would not be counted as a romantic, in the typical sense. Flowers and chocolate have never been my MO but when it came to matters of heart we can safely say i am not opposed to the theory. The catch being that it is my theory that i live by.


I believe in forever but mixed with the forever there are bound to be a couple of almost always situationships and i have been a victim of one or a couple, who’s really counting? I suppose the reason i can safely say i see the beauty of love is in that it was the best part of the truth in my relationship when the smoke had cleared. Long story short we stumbled and on stumbling we let ourselves fall and in falling we let it fall apart or maybe one of us did and then came the walking away.


With all this said and done “the big brother house really is not the best place for love though love can be found. I just happen to feel that it is the best place to find love in a hopeless place, in which case you wonder what the point of it all is.  Fortunately life has a sense of humor and it likes to happen whilst you’re busy making plans so though i am not a fan of the theory of love as an international college student i reluctantly leave room for life to work its magic. You never know where it will take you.

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