#WHM: Kgomotso Mahlong

Kgomotso Mahlong is a 20 year old, Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg, who is born and bred in Ga-Mashashane, Limpopo. She is the founder of Sponsor An African Child (SAAC), which is a Non-Profit Organisation founded in October 2015, with a vision of restoring the dignity of Africans from poverty-stricken families through various campaigns.

SAAC also Screenshot_2016-08-02-06-14-28runs Sponsor A Girl Child, which is “a campaign that focuses on empowering and equipping the girl child and women with the tools they need to be the best they can possibly be. It focuses on the donation of sanitary products, such as pads, tampons and toiletries, to schoolgirls in need, particularly those in villages and townships.” Having realised, from statistical data that there are millions of girls who miss school every month during their menstrual cycle due to a lack of sanitary products. Kgomotso believes that this is a “gross infringement of basic education rights by our government” and she is advocating for the free provision of such products.

The campaign also facilitates health and motivational talks, along with career guidance. Her belief in the empowerment of women stems from them being denied a lot of opportunities in the past and how there is still a huge developmental gap between women and men to date. Her philanthropic work has helped to keep thousands of girls from poverty-striken families in school during the time of the month when they need it the most, by lifting their self-esteem during this period too. “It has remScreenshot_2016-08-02-06-14-51oved the cloud of shame above their heads and restored their dignity”, she adds.

Their career guidance, health and motivational talks continue to be a major tool of educational empowerment, as they equip young girls to make informed decisions about their bodies, lives and careers. Her work has received overwhelming media reception both online and on print, including the Sowetan newspaper. Destiny magazine has also featured her story in their Women’s Month #BeautifulPowerfulYou campaign. She also does radio interviews to raise as much awareness around the work she does and uses the platforms presented to her, to urge individuals and various stakeholders to partake in raising a better society through empowering and equipping women.

**There is a Sanitary Walk taking place on the 6th of August 2016, in Alexandra township (Johannesburg, South Africa). The event will be held from 08:00 to 12:00. For more information, you can search for the Sponsor An African Child Facebook page.**


You can find Kgomotso on:

Facebook: Kgomotso Mahlong // Sponsor An African Child

Instagram: @lkk_mahlong


I am a young, South African-born lady, who is passionate about writing. I am currently in my final year at the University of South Africa, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Leadership and Citizenship.

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