#WHM: Mohlale Sehoole

imageNaletšana Mohlale Sehoole is a young fashion designer from Jansen Park in Boksburg, South Africa who studied fashion at the London International School Of Fashion (LISOF) but due to unforseen circumstances, she did not complete her studies as anticipated. She has always felt that fashion is an intuitive production and she set out to ‘hone her intuition’ through finding her voice through the work of her hands. While she is still working on the development of her brand Mohlale by Mohlale, she is currently working in collaboration with MAC cosmetics as a retail make-up artist.

Speaking about her brand, Mohlale describes it as “a brand for the woman who is empowered by her sexuality”. Much can be drawn from the garments she designs, as they are meant “to make a statement of pride and independence, while asserting one’s confidence too”. It is through the inspiration of the female form that she centres much of the elements to her designs.

She is inspired by trends, colours and textures all around her and this can be seen in her latest collection, where she infused the use of scuba fabric and Kanye West-style finishes. The reasoning behind her use of stretchy fabrics is “to symbolize the way the feminine ideal is always being moulded by masculinity”. She also incorporates drape quality to the fabrics she uses, as they represent the manner in which women’s sexuality flows from the desire of men.

Just to extend on her inspiration for the designs she makes, she adds: “I wish for women to be comfortable with their sexuality, while maintaining their modesty and to be empowered from within.” Not only can her work be seen for it’s beauty through her ‘craftswomanship’, but her venture into fashion independently, can be seen as the results that you can reap from making the most of the risk(s) you might choose to take along your journey through self-realisation.

So, explore more, to find your feet through your passion!


You can find Mohlale on:

Facebook: Mohlale by Mohlale

Website: www.mohlale.wix.com/mohlalebymohlale

Whatsapp: 0718697205


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