#WHM: Thabile Chonco

Thabile Lucia Chonco is a young, 23 year old from Protea Glen in Soweto (South Africa) who describes herself as an opinionated, hard-working introvert, who has a gentle soul and a huge lover of lounge and deep house music.

She is a BacheloIMG_20150615_180259r of Law (LLB, University of the Witwatersrand) and Master of Law (LLM, University of the Western Cape) graduate, who currently interns at The National Treasury’s Office of the Accountant General’s Directorate. As a law graduate, much like many others, she was taught to believe that she can only be an attorney or advocate with her law degree. As law students, they are seldom exposed to other career fields or pushed towards knocking on doors that law graduates normally would not knock on. When most people ask why she chose to intern at The National Treasury, as opposed to focusing solely on law, her reasoning is that “many people forget that everything around us is governed by law and so there is an element of law in everything.”

Thabile would like to see more female law graduates stepping out of the narrow mindset of either doing their articles and becoming an attorney – or else they’re doomed. She is a law graduate who is interning in an institution that is known to be strictly finance-based. She emphasises that more women need to “learn to take chances and the rewards can be quite surprising.”

To date, obtaining her LLM degree has been her greatest achievement, as she never thought she would have never imagined herself having attained it by her age. This has her hoping that it could serve as an example for young women to not only work hard, but smart as well; and not for their personal pleasure but also as the beacon of hope for those around them (known and unknown).

She believes that “it is saddening to see young girls falling into the traps of sugar daddies or what has come to be know as blessers because I still have that hope that there are young girls who see many women such as myself as women they would like to become.”

So, rather take chances that could benefit you, not only now, but in the long run throughout your journey in life.


You can find Thabile on:

Facebook: Thabile Chonco

Twitter: @ngiy_nkosazane


I am a young, South African-born lady, who is passionate about writing. I am currently in my final year at the University of South Africa, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Leadership and Citizenship.

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