5 Types Of Jeans Every Girl Should Own

5 Types Of Jeans Every Girl Should Own

 This is a quick guide to the types of jeans every girl should own according to my closet (L.O.L)

1.Skinny Jeans

Who doesn’t love a pair of skinny jeans? No matter the season, your skinny jeans would still be your favorite. Be it branded jeans (the $25 ones) or the kotamai type ($5), the versatility of skinny jeans makes us want more of them.  Skinny Jeans are perfect for that simple casual look.

2. Dark jeans

A dark pair of jeans should be a must in any girl’s closet as a dark color slenderizes every body type and adds a dash of class to any look.

3. High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are one of the most comfortable jeans you can own and they fit the best. I usually wear mine with sneakers mostly or flats and once in a while add a button-up shirt to the mix.

4. Flared jeans

Also known as boot cuts are jeans that are wider from the knee downwards .They may be trendy if paired correctly but can also be an epic fashion fail.

5.Ripped Jeans

They can be stylish if paired properly ‘less is more ‘.





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