Diary of an Intern: One Down, Fifty-one more to go

Diary of an Intern: One Down, Fifty-one more to go

If ever there was a TV Show called ‘Crazy Interns and Their Mishaps’, I’d be the very first guest. I’d be placed on one of those fancy couches or those really comfy chairs, with Mai Chisamba or Steve Harvey asking me questions about my state of mind and the audience would ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as they realized this girl was nuts.

What else would explain my morning behavior or my current behavior?! Nervously tapping my fingers on the outer edge of the couch, I recall the sequence of events on the morning that was supposed to be the best moment of my life. The morning I had  set to start my first day at work, did  not kick off the way I had hoped. Granted that today was just the “first-day”, I still wanted to put my best foot forward.

And as luck would have it, my alarm clock doesn’t go off when it’s supposed to and I cut myself shaving in the shower. My ankle, right on the bone, the same spot I cut myself two months ago. So one would assume that I would be more careful, but I am bleeding like that darn zombie from Wrong Turn (or was it some other bad horror movie). The clicking heel transports me to the present where I join five other nerve-wrecked first time interns waiting eagerly for that welcome hug and tour of the organization.

That moment was symbolic as it brought the draining faithless internship search to a halt and leaving me with a staggering heap of anticipation and fear of the unknown.

Expectations are high and confidence seems to be at a minimal; “can’t believe this is it and the will to prove myself is at an all-time high.”

This moment signals my internship and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

See you soon.


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