#WHM: Charleen Alice Mahery

#WHM: Charleen Alice Mahery

Charleen Alice Mahery, Miss Concept, as she is affectionately known, is a 25 year old artistic, vibrant, opinionated young woman from Ventersdorp (North West, South Africa).

She is a vocalist and voice-over artist, who is also an MC. Having studied radio broadcasting, she is currently on a quest to branch into the broadcasting industry, as she feels much of her time wasted away from her being an Administration Assistant at one point. The reason why she feels this way is because she would rather focus most, if not, all of her time on her craft. In her words, Miss Concept explains how “it hasn’t been easy financially but there’s an inexplicable joy I find in it that I wouldn’t trade for anything.” Through her art, she feels that she ‘imprints a piece of herself in all her work and has come to realise that it touches a number of souls thus she believes it to be worthy of sharing.’

Miss Concept can be seen as an example of how one can develop their talents from a tender age and groom that talent accordingly with the coming of age, as she has been singing from the age of 4 and music has since been something she has continued to be passionate about. By the age of 11, she started writing her own songs, exploring poetry and rap too.

Having realised that there were few females in the hip-hop genre, she took that as an opportunity to stand out and make her mark. People got to familiarise themselves with her and this is how she got to co-host a Hip-Hop show on Agang FM, which is a local radio station in Potchefstroom. She has since been MC’ing at various events in and around Potchefstroom, performing with her band which deals with Jazz, Lounge and Neosoul music and is also in the process of having an EP released at the end of this year.

Miss Concept has collaborated on a song with McFenda, called ‘Rise Again’ and it turned out to be her biggest song to date, as it was featured on the Metro FM nominated House compilation album and House Afrika Sessions 5. Her rap hit ‘The Delivery,’ which initially featured J Notes and Emkay, went on to have a remix which had created a huge buzz on social media and it featured Vanessa Hotmess, Blak Suga and Claro.

She believes that her work has shown many women how it is possible to break barriers in whichever industry they wish to explore into. She trusts that her confidence has rubbed off on many young females and her inspiration has encouraged them not to be scared to follow their dreams and try out new things, as she ‘would love for this to continue and someday be regarded as part of her legacy.’


You can find Miss Concept on:

Facebook: Miss Concept SA

Twitter: @miss_concept

Instagram: @miss__concept

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/za/album/rise-again-ep/id870027891again-ep/id870027891


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