#WHM: Valerie Gugulethu Chingonzo

#WHM: Valerie Gugulethu Chingonzo

Valerie Gugulethu Chingonzo is a 25year old young woman, who is Miss University Continental Queen of Africa 2016. She was born in Harare but grew up in Bulawayo. She is the co-founder of Kuzvida Image Consultancy, which is a business that focuses on grooming, etiquette and self-image concepts, with a goal of helping men and women create a whole new being by working on someone’s style and helping individuals work on their self-esteem and negative complexes .

The Women and Gender studies degree and certificate in Model Grooming and Etiquette holder also owns Valbeaut Boutique, which she describes as a ’boutique on heels’. The petite model comes from a family of four girls and acknowledges her mother as her hero, as she single-handedly raised the girls when their father passed away at the age of five.

Valerie accredited her degree for having opened her eyes on how to tackle gender issues and has also acted as a guideline to her business operation. Driven by beauty, women empowerment and social issues, she has tasked herself with making a difference in people’s lives and breaking the stereotype that beauty queens are ‘brainless, skinny women’.

After the success of the debate she co-hosted with Industry Girls Network, she is determined to keep working with teenagers from various schools in the Zimbabwe. She also works with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) on their concurrent peace project, Thrive Victory Business Forum on their sessions and she also does ‘good deeds’ from her own heart having donated in July to Mai Courage and her disabled son.

Val has been; Miss Henry Low in 2002, Miss Teen Angel 2007, the 2nd Princess in the Face of AM Model Management 2010, 2nd Princess Miss Teen Bulawayo, Miss Personality for Miss Teen Zimbabwe 2011, 1st Princess Miss Bulawayo 2012, Miss Universities Zimbabwe 2013, Peace Ambassador for Africa (won and awarded in 2014), Miss University Continental Queen of Africa 2016 and was awarded with the Movers and Shakers award from the Women’s University in Africa (given to the most influential and outstanding students).

Val is determined to further her studies by studying towards a Masters in Political Science.

You can find her on:
Facebook: Valerie Gugulethu Chingonzo // Queen Val

Twitter: @Valbeaut

Instagram: @QueenVal

Email : valerie@kuzvida.co.zw


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. Penni

    Oh and shes also the first of her own kind to concurrently run on two titles:Miss Women’s University in Africa and Miss Universities Zimbabwe, Keep up the good work Queen.Its your philanthropy traits that amazes me and most probably drives you to empower these young girls’ precious lives.We love you,,MissB

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