Diary of an Intern: Handbag Essentials

Diary of an Intern: Handbag Essentials

As a college student ,it can be hard to distinguish between  essentials and superfluous items when you transition from varsity woman to intern .Well, I am here to help! (i would like to believe that ) Below is a list of handbag essential for any  female varsity student or intern  . I am sure this list will help you say “Oh no! I forgot that!” a lot less often.

1.Cell phone charger

Everyone knows that millennials are attached to their phones ,and it’s important to always have plenty of battery for uploading pics on Instagram or messaging mum .

2. Tampon/sanitary pad

There is nothing worse than needing a tampon or sanitary pad when you don’t have one. Carrying it in your handbag ensures that you are always prepared. Whether you use a tampon or pad, it’s important to carry both .

3. Mints

Bad breath can be a huge turn off and not to mention embarrassing . Carry mints for those days when you eat something with onion (especially uncooked onions)  for lunch, to save yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath.

4. Lip moisturizer

Chapped, cracked and dry lips are not attractive. So, always carry some kind of moisturizer, be it a lip gloss or balm. I prefer Vaseline for my lips but if you need to be fancy, lipstick is an option but don’t draw attention to your lips especially in the workplace .

5. Tissues

There will be a lot of instances when they come to your rescue, including when something spills in your bag or your stuffy nose needs a release.

6. Deodorant

There are some mornings when I just rush out of the house and forget to spray and end up self-conscious the whole day  scared that my body-odor is a 8 on the stinking scale. Always carry deodorant for days such as those.


My supervisor always has something new to teach and thus a notebook is handy .

8. Bonus : Sunglasses

I love Africa and I love the sun but sometimes it’s just too much so my pair of sunglasses comes in handy when the sun decides to play Adele ‘hello’


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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