Belated Birthday Gift Courtesy of Telecel Zimbabwe

Belated Birthday Gift Courtesy of Telecel Zimbabwe

I thought being in the Southern part of Africa during our blog’s birthday month was enough of a present –think sweet potatoes, peanuts, ground nuts and awesome amazing girlfriends. When you are living in Africa, it’s hard to wish for anything more especially if your foot hasn’t stepped on snow or on a subway. However, our birthday month proved us wrong. Not only did it turn out to be the best month for our blog, it was especially eventful.

It all started with an early morning Twitter search of something tech-related, as most mornings go for me over here at the insanity HQ in my mind. (Don’t judge!) I ended up going to the Telecel Twitter page hoping to see new exciting offers, after all, I live on a student budget. Whilst perusing the page, I stumbled upon the million dollar questions that guaranteed two tickets to the ‘Telecel Drag Race’ competition. I entered even though I was skeptical that I was going to win anything, as I have never won anything, so forgive me skeptics.

I signed out dreading to see whether I had won anything and wanted to skip the beaming faces of winners lighting up my screen with tickets in tow.

A few hours later, I was back on twitter, not that I had anything interesting to say to find a message from Telecel. I was deeply shocked, I reckon I sweated a bit because I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I had won, but my small mind couldn’t comprehend what had happened to this small sunshine city Chihuahua. Never would I have thought that in my right mind I would win something.

The acquisition of my two tickets (to my first ever drag race) was followed by frantic messages and calls to my family and friends –from Harare to Frankfurt. I could feel my heart literally speed beat itself with joy.

Our birthday month turned out to be a month of lessons, love and surprises. Thank you Telecel Zimbabwe for the amazing gift, Twitter for aligning our stars together and to the amazing team that isn’t ashamed to celebrate their quirks and perks. What a birthday!

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The views in this article are strictly mine and mine only.]


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