Please don’t cramp my style, Aunt!

Please don’t cramp my style, Aunt!

I have always paradoxically hated the days that Aunt is in town, but loved the remaining twenty days that her phone is unreachable and her
emails are bouncing right back at me. Nothing peeved me off more than the four days when baggy mummy shorts were comfy and I looked like a sequel to 13 going on 30 (not that I am 13).

It can be hard to pick an outfit when you having your period and your body is killing you in more ways than one. So many thoughts hover around in your head and luckily for me, my light bulb moment came when I was forced to wear my grandmother’s floral dark skirt because I was terrified of staining myself.

Let’s get this straight: There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to dress while Aunt is in town. In fact, you can wear what you want. So feel free to follow your heart and not listen to us.

Here are our 5 ways to stay fashionable when Aunt shows up:

1)Wear Dark Jeans
•You don’t have to worry about staining yourself
•If any mishaps happen, it won’t be that visible
•The darker and thicker, the better

2)High Waisted Skirts/Shorts
•What better way to hide that nasty bloated tummy than a high waisted
•Your waistline will thank you as it will create an illusion
•You still show up to school, work or a date fashionable

3)A long shirt
•Be daring and still wear your colored jeans, after all, it’s spring…but wear with a long shirt (mishaps happen)
•Over-sized shirts are likely to be baggy and cover your behind more and be able to hide any sign of a mishap

•The fashionable and socially acceptable opposite of sweatpants
•Joggers say I am laid back and having a chilled day – and they are perfect for class
•For a fashionable tip, throw in some jewelry and cute shoes

5)Wear what you want
•At the end of the day, what you feel like wearing is ALWAYS the best choice


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. Tiara Ray

    I am so amazed you refer to your period as ‘aunt’ as well. I live in the Caribbean, we do the same! Nice to know it’s also done somewhere elsein the world. I know what you mean, about staining yourself. Recentely it happened to me A LOT! My flow has been heavier than usual. Thanks for the great tips! Joggets are excellent! I usually wear a longgg shirt and black pants.

    1. Ancillar

      Wow ! yes we do lovey .Oh my goodness ,i can relate try and use maxi thick pads -they should do the trick .We have been schooled (Longgggg shirt and black pants are ideal)

  2. Tanaka Tanaka

    I love your advice. Every girl probably has this problem especially when you have a nice white outfit set ready for an event. I suggest wearing what you want and using both a tampon and a pad.

    Great post

    Tanaka x

    1. Ancillar

      OMG ! Thanks love..Great advice from a fashionable lady right there ..Check out her blog and you will always be fashionably on point

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