Many Women Need A Relief!!!!

Many Women Need A Relief!!!!

Many women in South Africa raise their children as single mothers. These are women who carry the responsibilities and (sometimes) burdens of raising their children alone on a daily basis. Most women do their level best, sometimes beyond
their strength, just to ensure that their children are comfortable in life. Most of them make ultimate sacrifices and they also compromise themselves countless times just to ensure that the future of their children is successful.

Believe me, these are women who don’t just turn homes into a better place, but the world as a whole.
These are mothers who bring hope where there was none, light where there was darkness,
and they also bring a glimpse of the future to the present by investing their time and strength in the well-being and success of their children.

If I can orderly state all the things single mothers do to ensure a brighter and successful future for
their children, believe me the list will be long and endless. The truth of the matter is that everybody knows that most single mothers work hard for their children. I believe all responsible mothers should be continuously celebrated, more especially hard-working, single mothers.

The big question here is: “Did these women conceive these children on their own without any
man?” There is only one realistic answer to this, it would have
been a real miracle if that had been the case. These children certainly have fathers, so where are
they and what are they doing?

Truly speaking, it’s really a shame to see how most men fail to take responsibility of their actions, through being there for their children. To some men, it is a common norm to make children all over and deny responsibility. When God made man a head, a leader of a family, He also gave him strength to carry and administer that responsibility.
So I don’t really think that men who deny responsibility are weak, they do have strength too, though they use their strength in useless and
meaningless things rather than using it to step in or step up and assume their responsibilities.

Such men think they are smarter and wiser by leaving their “baby mamas” to raise their babies alone and that’s far from being smart or wise-
it’s plain foolishness, immaturity and ignorance.

I seriously urge you as a man to take a seat and have a moment of introspection about your purpose and your responsibilities in life. As a
father you have a purpose driven by a role in your child or children’s lives. Many times, single mothers try their level best to bridge the gap of the fatherly role, but to be honest, it can’t be expected of them to assume both roles of being mothers and fathers in the lives of their children.

There is a role that only a father can play in the life of a child. Even though you’re no longer in love or in a relationship with the
mother, your child still needs your love and care. As a father you must assume your responsibilities without thinking twice.

A great difference in life can be achieved by doing so, so we break the circle of fatherless children because children need both parents in
their lives.

“Hold the bull by the horns” and
stop running away from your responsibility. What you do to your child will be done to theirs too, as they will grow up thinking it’s the right thing to do. Two wrongs will never make a right.

Some women who have the help of their man still struggle to balance things in life, for women
have many things to sort out compared to men. So I can’t imagine what single mothers are going through when it comes to the balance of life. Being all alone is really hard for them.

I salute all the fathers who took responsibility to provide and to protect their children from day one.
I salute the fathers who wish to do
more for their children amidst their financial difficulties that deprive them that privilege.
I salute the fathers who are no longer in a relationship with the mothers of their children, but make
sure they maintain a healthy relationship with their children and they shower them with love.
I salute the fathers who do their best to improve to be better fathers.
I salute the fathers who understand that a father figure is needed in every child’s life.
I salute the late fathers who left their children with great memories and lessons to cherish.

And I also urge fathers who are irresponsible to start being responsible, all it takes is a decision to be the father your child needs and to give the mother of your child a relief she deserves once in a while.


* This is a guest post by By Eric Koketso Shikobela*


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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  1. Vaida Nzvume

    awesome post sis Ancy. Thank u so much. Its very true and sad that most children have grown up without the guidance of a father. Much love to all the single Moms who don’t give up on us!

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