Prowl’s Guide to Bingeing on the ‘#KwiriCast’ Podcast

Prowl’s Guide to Bingeing on the ‘#KwiriCast’ Podcast

It seems that every time we talk about podcasts the first name that appears on our mouth is that of the #KwiriCast. #KwiriCast has become the most popular podcast of all time, according to my mother (it’s the only one she knows). I’ve found that listening to podcasts is my secret weapon when I am flying solo on that bus ride or I am home alone and just need some ‘voice’ speaking to my ear whilst I try and make something decent in our kitchen.

Podcasts are ideal for those lone travelers, for those too-drained-students and for that person who has hours to kill and can’t stand watching another re-run of Friends .

Here, is our guide to binge-listening the #KwiriCast:






Total Episodes: 96 episodes
Total time: 29 hours


Ep 136 –  Shoko Festival round-up, Black Coffee slap and happiness when single

I liked this one because so often when you are single, you walk around
moping and feeling sorry for yourself. To all my single ladies – this is
for you.

Ep 126 – Zim stay away, a world in trouble and bad date escape ideas.

Thanks to #KwiriCast you don’t have to stay when the date is bad (take
notes ladies).

Ep 89 – Homo Naledi, Multichoice Mauritius Trip & Tips For Flirting

I feel like I can flirt now.



Ep 125 – The Vp Mphoko hotel situation and getting permission from your lover.

It showed me that I am a “bad lover” because I don’t see myself asking
permission all the time

Ep 122 – #ThisFlag, free expression, Tapiwa fighting cancer and blessers

This episode was bad for me as I felt hopeless and ignorant that
someone out there is fighting against cancer and I was doing nothing
on my part.

Ep 114 – Cyber-harassment, social media policing and partner’s past ‘no-no’

Listen to it if you are fed up with cyber-harassment.

Best Time to listen to the KwiriCast

7pm – when your day is winding down


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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