Desk Essentials

Desk Essentials

I am one of those people who tends to be thoroughly organized and that does not exclude my desk. I love being organized and don’t think a person can have one-too-many pens or sticky notes.

Here is my list of desk essentials:

• NOTEPADS – Notepads are IMPORTANT. How can you jot down that important fact you have just found out or the new discovery Uncle Google just told you about?

• Stationery – As far as stationery goes, I like to have a pretty well-sized collection. Thank you notes, mini cards, professional notecards etc. It doesn’t hurt to have your sticky notes where you can see them.

• Mouse – Sometimes my laptop mouse can act up if ‘Aunt’ is in town (I kid).

• Paper – I am super picky about paper. I like to have notebook paper and printer paper! It doesn’t hurt to have ordinary paper and rough paper for those midnight scribbles.

• Pens & Pencils – I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise, but these are
pretty obvious.

• Stapler & Tape – Because you never know when you might need it!


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