Style me up!

Style me up!

It doesn’t matter whether you have class, a job interview or a date, you just have to dress to impress or you simply won’t look the part. Who
says you can’t up your style game?
Here are great tips to instantly make you stylish and turn a few heads:

1. Always accessorize
A simple bracelet can instantly change your look from ‘laid back at home’ to ‘I am stylish’ in a second. Always give the impression that you put effort into your look by never leaving your house without a bracelet or necklace.

2. Add a dash of color
It’s always advisable to have black and white in your closet but it doesn’t kill to have color as well, after all, it’s summer.

3. Layer it up
Simply layer a few of your favorite pieces that you wouldn’t think to layer, whether it’s a blazer with a denim shirt and a statement necklace or a pull-over sweater with your favorite summer dress. Whatever it is, layering adds instant depth to your favorite pieces!

4. Shop textures
Wearing different textures adds depth into an outfit. Different textures can make you look stylish, effortlessly.

5. Wear Heels
I personally used to hate heels, but my internship has given me an appreciation of them. Avoid those that make you look strained or ill and opt for a nice comfy pair that shouts out ‘classy’.

6. Wear a belt
A skinny belt can finish an outfit, while a wider belt can define curves and slim the body. Add a belt to define your waist or make your outfit stand out.



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