Fifty First Dates Prequel: Rules of the First Date

Fifty First Dates Prequel: Rules of the First Date

As far as matters of the heart are concerned, I haven’t been that lucky. My longest relationship with a decent guy has been with Bobby, my five-year-old bull-mastiff. It has been so hard for me to date in this city and even worse, in these times when you barely can move past the first date to the second and if you’re lucky – down the isle. Times are changing and so are people’s expectations

So, I asked the love doctor for some tips (shh) and here are our rules for the first date:

1) Be prepared to split the bill.
I get it, the first date is when you determine if ‘bae’ is a keeper or a stasher, but it isn’t an excuse to show up to a date with only a dollar for the ‘Kombi’ and nothing more. Just be prepared to split the bill, especially if you are not sure whether it’s a first date or just purely hanging out.

2) Don’t pick an expensive place.
If you have one of those guys that ask where you want to eat, lucky you! It’s best to not look expensive or cheap on a first date. Pick a place that’s affordable and has great food as well. Don’t use this date as an excuse to try out that Chinese place that is always fully booked and definitely leaves a big hole in your pocket.

3) Don’t be late.
I have tried being 15 minutes late, only to get there and the guy is red-faced and visibly irritated. Just show up on time, it’s just polite and you don’t want to come across as a bad time keeper.

4) Keep your fingers from texting and selfies.
No matter how bored you are, try not to be on your phone.

5) Be yourself.
Don’t order broccoli, if you can’t stand it and skip that juicy steak because you don’t want to appear greedy. Be yourself and eat what you like.

6) Don’t overdress.
There is a thin line between sexy and trashy, so don’t cross the line. Don’t show up to the restaurant in your sweatpants for dinner, when you can easily have worn a LBD.

7. Have fun and be fun
Your date might have the worst laugh or has buck teeth, but just have fun. No matter how bad it is, keep your humor and enjoy yourself.

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