Texting Etiquette

Texting Etiquette

Is it me, or we can spend endless minutes pondering on what to text or not to text bae when it shouldn’t be that complicated?

Here are things not to say when texting bae:

a) Keep Aunt Flo out of your bizzwax.
Ladies, let’s be honest, no guy has a desire to meet or know about Aunt Flo. I would rather tell him I have plans, than go on and on about my crazy aunt.

b) ‘I miss you‘, ‘wish you were here‘ smiley emoji‘, ‘hug emoji’, ’kiss emoji’- don’t text that constantly.
He is not a 911 operator. Keep the emojis minimal and the messages short and sweet.

c) Leave out the baby talk.
Oh my goodness! He is a full-fledged adult and not a kindergarten child.

d) Don’t double text.
You will never know how much he likes you if you constantly texting him and not giving him a chance to reply.

e) Don’t one-word answer bae.
I hate that after texting a long message someone has the guts to say ‘K’, like OH MY WORD. Don’t infuriate him unless it is necessary.

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