Ten Things Every Lady’s Closet Should Have…even if you clean it up!

Ten Things Every Lady’s Closet Should Have…even if you clean it up!

Have you ever regretted throwing away anything from your closet only
to realise that a few months down the line that very thing you threw
away has become trendy? You’re probably not the only one who has gone through that feeling you get when you see a girl rocking that dress
you thought was not good enough for your wardrobe. As much as you may
want to chase after fashion, you will never catch up with it. The moment you think you’ve finally caught up with fashion trends, something from the 90s pops up and the chase after fashion begins again! Well, here are a few tips to help ease your chase after fashion and keep those things that always become trendy every now and again.

*A Black Dress*
Look for the perfect black dress for your closet which you can wear
for various occasions including work, a chill-out party, dinner or even a funeral.
Tip: a perfect black dress looks classy and gorgeous for any body shape.

*A Pair of Flats*
You may not necessarily want to wear your flats but trust me, they can help relieve your feet after a long day in those heels and they look great with jeans as well. Black or a nude shade is more versatile.

*A scarf*
Don’t throw away your scarf! You can use it as a head wrapper or as an
accessory for your neck, hair or even your handbag.

*Denim jacket*
This goes well with any weather condition or any season. You can use
your denim jacket to spice up that simple t-shirt or short.

*A blazer*
This is an essential, especially for interns. You can make that outfit look classy just with the touch of a blazer. Tip: Blazers look good with jeans as well.

*White t-shirt*
A white tee is a basic for every lady. It makes you look good without putting any ‘visible’ effort (of course we do put effort to look good, lol).

*Pair of jeans*
These are a casual necessity, believe me. They can go well with almost
any top in your closet.
Tip: jeans help in relaxing your mind and give you that sense of feeling free and happy.

*Pair of heels*
No matter how high the heel is, heels just add that sexy touch to your
outfit. You can wear them at work, at a party or for that special dinner, among other occasions.
Tip: heels make your legs look longer
and sexier especially when wearing skinnies or dresses.

I’m sure there always comes a time when you feel like you’re now a
lady and not a girl, and you definitely need a handbag to be that elegant
lady. A handbag even boosts your confidence when walking into an interview and makes you appear organised to your interviewer.

*A black bra*
This might be the last on my list, but it’s definitely not the least! A black bra blends well with any colour your top or dress can be. You wouldn’t want to have a white or a colourful bra glowing under a black top, that’s a bit embarrassing and it even confuses you when it still glows under a white top, which makes black ideal.

So, I guess the next time you want to clean up your closet, you’ll remember this list of items. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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