The Intern Handbag

The Intern Handbag

Once you’ve found the perfect bag, here are some essential items you should always have so that you’re always prepared on the job.

a) Small Notebook and pen
Always be prepared to jot things down especially when you are with your supervisor.

b) Sticky notes
No matter how smart you are, it’s inevitable that you will forget something one day. Keep a few handy, to remind you of that email you have to send out or a message you need to give your boss.

c) Extra pair of shoes
Ladies, don’t risk the throbbing feet and blisters. Toss your heels in your bag and wear comfy flats for that long walk from the terminus to your office. An extra pair can also help you during the rain or that misfortune shoe.

d) Umbrella
The rains are officially here, thus always have a small umbrella that you can toss in your bag for that nature call.

e) Jacket or Cardigan
The rainy season equals shivers and a cold breeze, thus protect
yourself by having a jacket or cardigan handy.

f) Water bottle and snacks
Even if you have a scheduled lunch break, odds are, you might end up working through lunch or not being able to get away earlier than planned.
Have some healthy snacks, like fruits  or nuts around to curb the munchies until lunchtime.

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