Hello from HQ

Goodbye 2016 hello new year. Another revolution around the sun and we are still standing(pinch yourself someone). I for one am grateful for making it to the long awaited 2017 with a lot of personal and professional milestones. For Prowl, we live to whisper stories of hope ,share our epic highs and lows and bring you life changing events for yet another year and we have you our loyal supporters to thank.
Resolutions? Unfortunately not my strength i wish you the best with yours .At best my resolution for the year is to be grateful for having had made it to where I am, many tried to get to enjoy this promising year and failed. If life was a passport, yours just got stamped into 2017, and not by your own strength or mine (don’t thank that alarm clock) .
With this I say Happy 2017 wishing you all that your heart’s desires and here is hoping we exceed your expectation of us.