Mr Darcy: The placebo effect

It all starts with a guy. A guy confiding in a girl he likes that he had a crazy ex once and he hopes she’s not crazy on the down low. Then before you know it she’s telling her girls how conversational evidence with “him” as well as the he loves her he loves her not rose petal test confirmed that he does indeed like her and he is hoping she is not an undercover hair remover in his shampoo kind of girl. Why, because he has a good feeling about her. The conversation with her girls goes as far as discussing how there are some crazy women out there. It’s all giggles, fun and games till six months later you’re the crazy ex he talks about to his new girl. Its 2am you can’t sleep and well he hasn’t called or texted and rather than being the girl who takes it as a sign to walk away you remember the picture of the old couple walking along the beach, They were asked, how come you are still together after all these years, they responded “ We come from a generation where if something is broken we don’t throw it away, we fix it.” Somewhere in your head this makes sense and instead of walking away from someone who is halfway through forgetting you, you try to fix it. And so, its 2am and you press send on the first text:
….Sam, joking about the blocking but I feel ignored *embarrassed Emoji that’s the honest truth
Because last thing you sent him was that he should just put yu out of the misery of waiting for a text and block you
10 MINUTES LATER…no response
I love how you’re single (situationship) and some girl is outchea feeling ignored. People though. But on the real is this your way of bye feliciaring me…like really if you’re gonna, just say it. You’re being distant and I think it’s because I’m hot and cold.
A minute later it hits you that its 2am and he’s probably not gonna respond, you take it as a sign to continue to dig your grave

….I feel like having a convo on your chat by myself. Crazy…I know. But you’ll have a nice surprise to wake up to
You know you don’t call or text anymore? Like at all…and you used to do it all the time.
*But that’s non of my business Kermit gif.
Please tell me um not the craziest person you’ve ever dealt with. Like really I’m gonna be that crazy “ex” to you one day…ain’t that funny.
Anyhu this is all kinda funny to me. It’s ironic or poetic. Like back in the day when Taff was like I don’t want a complication I came here to get a degree and we looked at each other as if to say silly him. Lol…how the tables have turned.
Incase you hadn’t noticed, I like to talk. Lol sorry about this. Like really look at it from a funny perspective because it’s funny
Ok I’m done. I’m really sorry for dumping on you. So cliché
Funny how you say you’re weird. Are you weirder than me?
According to society I’m not supposed to say how I feel bruh…I’m supposed to be savage and pretend I don’t “catch.” That sh*t is hard idk how the rest of the world does it…as for me I choose to be in my feelings. Less of a facade and no cancer.
Maybe I should get a diary *Thinking emoji

It has been over 30 minutes and well you feel good about yourself but you know that after “sleeping on it” you’re going to have a truck full of regret.
Which begs the question, where do crazy exes come from. Isn’t it the very person who speaks of a crazy ex the reason the ex went crazy in the first place?⁠⁠⁠⁠