Bae’d up

So this year Valentine’s Day thought it would play a not-so-funny trick on me. I got derailed from my usual movie for one plans to plans for two. Yes the universe deliberated and decided that after my long standing tradition of celebrating this day as a singleton it was time i had someone to brag about other than my great friends.

I always thought i would marvel at this day and dance in the rain over it but, i must say, I am a little torn. This moment is bitter sweet for me. Humor me for a second and let me break it down to you. So as you have gathered from the beginning of this story the universe is out to get me. Not only did it find me someone almost as weird as i am, if not more but he tolerates me enough to gaze into my eyes like the sun sets and rises with my eyes. For the record not only does he tolerate me but i also find myself tolerating him enough to overlook his strange arguably endearing persona. He clearly never got the memo that all weird behavior starts and ends with me. Thank you universe for losing that in the mail. SECONDLY as if this strange mix of personalities is not bad enough i have to get him a gift as social norms decree. It shall come to pass that on the 14th of February if ye hath a bae, ye doth surprise them with a well thought out gift lest ye suffer the embarrassment of being the only one that doth not hath a gift for thy bae. Thus stands my dilemma. I suck at this. Getting gifts for my girlfriends and brothers is easy peasy but what gift says i know you and i really really really like you and i’m glad i can stand being with you.He owns it all, i’ve checked, in fact i gifted him some of those gifts for his birthday (i should have held back in anticipation of this moment) now i’m fresh out of ideas and it is t-12 hours before the sun sets on 13 February. Yes i left it to the very last minute but in my defense this is my first time so please judge me not and HELP ME!