What He Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

What He Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Buying for the guys in your life  this time of the year isn’t always easy as it looks . Doesn’t matter that you been together for five months,two years or barely a month it can be stressful . Please relax because Prowl’s favorite guy ‘The Vic ‘ is here with a selection of gifts that  bae would love.

1. The Ideal Sipping ‘’smoothie’’

For the obsessive drinker who cannot stop talking about his drinks . Grab for him a bottle of Viceroy.

Price Tag – $12


2. Customizable Head Phones 

Get these if he can’t stop complaining about his headphones .  Grab for him beats by Dre (an ouch for your wallet but worth the cost)

Price : $+/- 50)


3. A wallet

The ultimate men’s accessory that can show class and sophistication.


Price : $25 for real leather wallets


4.Classic brown leather straps watch

Not only does it  show a level of affection but it shows your desire to elevate his swag.

Price :$24+/-



Not perfume or body spray but cologne . Opt for natural smelling ,hand-collected ingredients that make your man stand out in a crowd .

Suggestion : David Beckham $55



6.Bottle Key Holder

This is practical for the drinker or the guy with the car keys -he will definitely be surprised .

Price $5


7. Ndeipi & Zviriseisei T-shirts


You’re already well-acquainted with the ridiculously comfortable, ultra-flattering clothing company called Ndeip Zviseisei. But chances are good your guy wouldn’t know so  show him what he’s been missing with these tailored, contemporary Ndeip t-shirt or Zviseisei t-shirt . Perfect for the laid back guy who enjoys bike rides,weekend strolls or game day .


Price :$15, facebook.com/ndeip zviriseisei


8.Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers allow him to wirelessly sync multiple music libraries to a single sleek speaker. From your iTunes collection to Pandora, you can control all your favorite music using a Bluetooth through a simple smartphone.


Prices :from $25



Show him that you respect his wallet and you got this ..Did we mention dinner equal food ? Yum Yum

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