Merriam Webster has just gotten “cool” status.

Merriam Webster has just gotten “cool” status.

Our favorite dictionary has just gotten a lot more cooler, as they added an array of pop culture words and definitions just last week. Here are some of our personal favorites in the list below:

Binge-Watch: transitive verb
Definition: “To watch many or all episodes of a series in rapid succession.”

Ghost: verb (informal)
Definition: “To abruptly cut off all contact with someone (such as a former romantic partner) by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls, instant messages, etc.”

Geek Out: verb
Definition: “To behave like a geek; especially: to become excited or enthusiastic about a favored subject or activity.”

Ride Shotgun: verb
Definition: “To ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.”


Definitions from Merriam Webster Dictionary

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