The ex files: Mistakes I made

The ex files: Mistakes I made

I wish I had a perfect excuse after my heart was broken by what was supposed to be the greatest guy after maccaroni and cheese, for what I did. Ladies, an ex is an ex, so move on!

I know birds are chirping about and it’s the love month but don’t be ridiculously insane like me.

Here are my don’s  when it comes to exes…

1. Don’t stalk their social media
As much as I tried being an adult and stop myself from unfollowing ‘him’, I just couldn’t. I checked his Whats App profile pic, his Instagram pics (might have liked a few)  and his Facebook relationship status (he moved on a week after our breakup –impossible).
Better option: Unfollow him, take a break from social media whilst you heal. Get closure! If you know you won’t help yourself – unfriend
the guy.2. A hot rebound will not help you
He was dreamy and he was just a hook up. It doesn’t work. Getting into a relationship of any sorts won’t help you get over him.
Better option: Spend time with your friends and do the things you love. Allow yourself time to get over him.3. Alcohol
Alcohol can help for a few hours to forget that you loved ‘Mr Wrong’, but three hours later the throbbing head and drunk text to the ex will
remind you – YOU NEED HELP!
Better Option: Hit the gym and sweat it out.4. Feeling sorry for yourself
During my breakup, I might have forgotten (allow me please) to comb my hair, do my nails and match my outfits because I felt like the ugliest thing after Mr Scrooge.
Better option: Do your nails, get a new hairstyle.


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