Diary of a Single Varsity Girl

Diary of a Single Varsity Girl

Going to varsity had been my dream since I was a little girl, I would fantasize about the freedom, fun, craziness, friends and of course, someone I was going to call ‘bae’!

It’s funny how movies create images of that ‘perfect guy’ who bumps into you in a corridor and next thing, you’re in love and live happily ever after. Well, that’s what I thought would happen to me.

I was going to meet my perfect guy and together, we’d be that perfect, sweet couple everyone admires. To tell the truth, I didn’t think of anything to do with school work (who would anyway?).

Dreams do come true, at times. I got that perfect guy who was always sweet and romantic. The kind of guy who embraces your flaws, looks at you and still says I LOVE YOU. Well, my “perfect relationship” never got to last up to a year just because I thought happiness comes from someone, and that was the first problem. I thought this guy was supposed to make me feel happy all the time. Everything he said, did or did not do was supposed to make me happy…how wrong I was to think so because that was never the case. We even had a fight on Valentine’s Day, which brings me to the second problem, living to impress your friends.

The guy always wanted me to be his “Hollywood girl” just because he wanted to be on top of his gang. The end result was a forced triple dinner date with his gang when the night was supposed to be about the two of us. I couldn’t put up with the “Kim-Kanye” life that he wanted me to live up to for his friends, and I had to walk away despite that I still loved him. The sad thing is, I didn’t find the happiness that I thought I’d find in him.

It’s soon after Valentine’s Day and I know some of you broke up a day after or even on the day or you’re still thinking of how to break up. I was in that same situation this time last year and I had to do what I knew was right. I had to find happiness within myself before someone else could make me happy. What makes me happy is knowing that happiness is a choice, it is found deep within you and is shared with others on the outside.

Right now, I’m in love with myself and I can’t let anyone take away my happiness because it is not in anything/anyone, but inside my heart.

This year I decided to make my Valentine’s Day special, so I celebrated my love for myself. I bought myself a gift that’ll always remind me why I have to celebrate each moment of my life and be happy.

This goes to that single lady who is always sad and feels bored; life has great things to offer, get up and claim your happiness because no-one will do that for you!


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  1. Carole

    So true…..l had high hopes for varsity life too. Dancing groups, crazy roommate, fashion competitions, lots of travelling, but my greatest fear was ‘cults’ abuse. Guess those were just my fantasies.

  2. Vaida Nzvume

    true! thank u
    #love yourself

  3. Tsie

    true that, i had hopes for varsity lyf too but after 1st semester i realised that if i dont make happy memories for myself no1 will… #selflove first

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