Vaginal Glue, a blessing or curse?

Vaginal Glue, a blessing or curse?

What would you do if  you found that you could kick the pad & tampon to the curb and just rub some glue on your labia during your period? Well, I would still use the traditional pad.

A Kansas-based chiropractor has created a product that comes in a lipstick-like application and it is meant to replace the traditional pad, tampon and menstrual cup.

‘Mensez’ founder Daniel Dopps was quoted as saying; “Mensez LipStick, when applied to the labia minora, creates a seal that is perspiration and blood proof, but it breaks down instantly with urine, retaining menstrual fluid in the vagina until urination [sic]. Upon urinating, the seal releases and allows the urine along with the menstrual fluid to exit into the toilet. Think of it as potty training the period- cleaner, healthier, more secure, less risk of infections.”

This product seems to scare me more than reassure me –who can handle being glued up and are we sure its even leak proof?!

What do you think?

Would you buy it?

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  1. Vaida Nzvume

    KKKKK I wouldnt unless if i get mre info and test it myself. But um curious though, dznt the V need to breathe a little? coz thres no info on how long u seal it…kkkkk just saying

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