Beauty With Brains……

Beauty With Brains……


This issue is really sad to each and every single one of us……we grew up in a society where people still believed that , ‘Looking good gets you further in life than being intelligent.’ It might be true but not everything depends on how ridiculously good you look

I know back in the day, it was all about beauty ….well nowadays its beauty and more brains.

                                 You can actually seduce a man with your mind and what he learns from you, and not just the sway of your hips.

One Smart guy was quoted  as saying, ‘a woman with a beautiful body is good for a night stand, but a woman with a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime.’

So here is the good news…..No amazing body or looks can out-sex an intelligent brain. Intelligence is sexy .

My new definition for a beautiful lady has shifted from  merely just the  physical appearance……..It’s being unapologetically powerful, self aware and an independent lady  doing her thang. 

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  1. Tsie

    m so proud of you right now, great message #BeautyWithBrains

  2. Vaida Nzvume

    awesome! and true…..

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