Chasing In Stilettos :Tanyaradzwa Masaire

Chasing In Stilettos :Tanyaradzwa Masaire

My name is Tanyaradzwa Myra Masaire, I am 22-year-old lady who is in third year at the Harare Institute of Technology, studying towards a Bachelor of Technology degree in Polymer Technology and Engineering.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I am the founder on The Real Zimbabwe Magazine ( which is an online magazine that seeks to provide a platform for young Zimbabwean creatives to showcase their creativity to a wider audience. I am also the brains behind Wedding Expos Africa ( which is a company that bridges the gap between African wedding service providers and their clientele (brides and grooms) through providing an online directory of service providers, as well as tips and articles to help couples during wedding planning.
I have displayed above average intelligence in addition to being a very artistic individual, who has strong leadership skills and a strong business background as well. I have been a leader all my life from being in charge of watering the flowers in the first grade, to being voted into the prefects’ board by my classmates in the seventh grade, to then going on to becoming a
class and dorm monitor in my first form of high school, to ultimately rising in the ranks of the prefects’ body until I eventually wore the head girl’s cap.

Leadership positions also followed me, I became a hostel secretary in my first year of university and then the Student Representative Council treasurer in my second year. Furthermore, being one of only 6 women studying Polymer Engineering in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa is a fact whose significance is not lost on me and from which I derive extreme pride and satisfaction.

Losing my mother is directly linked to my growing up in a male dominated family, as the only girl, with a father who did not see us by our genders but as people first (humans first). It forced me to realise that I could achieve anything that I wanted, contrary to popular belief that a girl can only be successful if raised by a mother.

People often ask me why I chose not to pursue arts at A level and at tertiary level. My response to that has always been: passion does not
limit ability or opportunity. I have been blessed with the passion for all things artistic but in addition to that, I have been blessed with
a natural ease when it comes to commercial work, such as Management of Business and Accounting, in addition to being gifted with a scientific
Furthermore, I have the opportunity of having parents who are not only willing but financially able to send me to school due to
their underlying belief that gender should not limit a person from achieving anything they aim to achieve given the time and opportunity.



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