Chasing In Stilettos: MIllicent-Kudzai

Chasing In Stilettos: MIllicent-Kudzai

It is a great honour to have been nominated to speak on this platform,
and I tell you it has made it to my list of many achievements in
life… (esp. those to do with our empowerment as women).

Who are you?

So you are probably wondering “who is she really?” Well, im
Millicent-Kudzai, a feminist at heart, stone cold on the outside but a
giant warm mashmallow inside. I was born and raised in Harare Zimbabwe
and did most of my education in the capital .Currently a third year
student at the Catholic University and a make up artist. Would like to
major in either economics or human resources (torn between
contributing my ideas to piece of paper titled POLICIES, or actually
using them to better the labour resource and conditions in my country) and further
my skills in the make up industry.

Body Art is really my main goal. Colours.. hmmm I’m more drawn to the blacks, greys, white (not actual colours by the way) and my happy colour being navy blue.. Which says
more than enough about my personality. (ha-ha)

What do you do?

I have LOVED art for as long as I can remember! In all its gazillion
forms. This led me to join the creative arts industry and hence my
current line of work (make up artist). Initially wanted to be a model
(2013), but apart from my height being a major challenge, the break
through just had punctuality issues. I did a few demos and catalogues
till i found my footing as PA to one of the award winning make artist
in Zimbabwe, (2014 to date) and that’s how i grew to become a make up

Challenges Faced

  • The challenges I’ve faced, are the NOs and doors shutting in my
    face. Generally people dont take you seriously unless you are a big
    name or standing on one rather, but you don’t attain one overnight..
  • The 6 month growth period when you are starting out was also one of
    the worst.. those either make or break you as an entrepreneur and
    determine how the business world will see you.
  • Being a woman in a mans world.
  • I think the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced was having to convince some men of
    high authority that my steel pair was either matching, or bigger than
  • The easiest was having to balance school and 2 jobs… its easy
    because you just have to prioritize one and enjoy the other two. If
    you cant enjoy your job you will probably suck at it and hate it.

Are you successful, how do you peg it?

No i dont deem my self successful yet. I have to be half a century to
consider that, and even then if my name does not hint a legacy by that
time I kick the bucket, I cant say I am a complete success. On the
small successes however, yes! I have come so far and worked so hard to
have what I have today.


My advice… well will start with my motto:

  • “The world isnt changed by
    my BIG idea but my example” so women out there, it starts with the
    goddess in the mirror YOU!
  • As a woman- always empower another, never stand by or belittle another woman…
  • My three H theory = turn your hates into hustles and increase your humility.


journalism student, fun loving, free mind, photography lover, O.V.O

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