Chasing In Stilettos :Natasha Karimakwenda

Chasing In Stilettos :Natasha Karimakwenda

This is my story…

My story begins with the decision to start my journey as a great person. By the time I had turned 17, I was lonely, no friends and very unpopular with my high school administration. I had accepted my life was one of a failure and I couldn’t see hope for myself….until I picked up a book I saw in my friend’s room. As an A level student, reading novels or books outside the scientific field wasn’t my cup of tea, but this book called me. When I picked it up I begged my friend to read it, I mean, reading one book wasn’t going to hurt, and it seemed that he was a popular man in the World, just not to me, so I had to catch up. The part that got to me at the end of Dr Benson Carson’s autobiography, Gifted Hands, was that he almost was raised like me. He was a high school reject, and went through a crisis in his life as a teenager. But he pulled his socks up and became one of the most respected neurosurgeon the world has today. I thought to myself, wow, if he can do it, so can I, and that was when the journey began.

The first thing was to drop all the unnecessary bad energy in my life, like staying in debate when the debate patron hated my guts. Three months down the line, I won awards for the annual arts competition where I took a first place for Singing and a second place for Instrumental music (I still play the piano) and a third place in the cooking contest (I still love cooking today). But, my woes didn’t end. When I finally got to NUST, I told myself, this is a new beginning. I joined debate again, and In my second year, I became the first Zimbabwean to win a medal in adjudication at the annual Pan African
Universities Debate Championships. The year after that, I was the First female President of the NUST Debate Society. Debate for me was my place to escape, to escape from oppression of females in leadership, to escape people with little to no logic, to escape the grips of society telling what I should do, how I should do it, and why I should do it. But in my new found freedom, I thought to myself,there are other females who are just like me who do not have access to such support. In this thinking, I was on attachment year, sitting in a lab thinking about how women have evolved so much, and how they have started to pick up in the space of leadership in the  sociology-econ-political arena, but a lot had to be done.

During my final year at NUST, I formed the NUST Society for Ladies, to address such issues. When that had started, we planned to do an award
ceremony, where we appreciate different organizations and individuals who have excelled or who help the Girl child. The Society for ladies
is now resident at MSU, GZU and LSU.

Currently, I am in politics and pursuing a degree in Development Studies to fully understand this journey I have taken. I have started and NPO called Sokusile, which deals with economic development in the Matabeleland region. My dream is to one day be MP for Bulawayo East Constituency and then the Resident Minister for Bulawayo Province, and to continue to help women and girls do better, to be bolder, to reach
higher, and to give back to the girls behind them

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