Chasing In Stilettos : Tanyaradzwa Rukuwah

Chasing In Stilettos : Tanyaradzwa Rukuwah

My name is Tanyaradzwa Alyce Rukuwah.

I am a young 23 year old lady, who is currently studying towards a Honors Degree in Business Management and Information Technology at the Catholic University of Zimbabwe.
Growing up, I wasn’t much of an outgoing person, I was more of an introvert. I enjoyed my own company, unless I was with those I considered my friends. Some would call me the weirdo of the family because I kept to myself and I often did my own thing without considering what people thought or said. In primary school,  I was a star student but hit a bit of a rocky hill when I reached high school. When I got to university, I decided to take a drastic change and this was actually due to watching The Great Gatsby that brought me to an epiphany. I was going to do something great and utilize my 4 years in college wisely.
During my first year, I joined various groups that could have helped me grow on a personal level and even career-wise. I joined a poetry club called Saints Unplugged which helped me with my speech; I became a Brand
Ambassador for Ster-Kinekor Cinema Buzz at my school; joined BOOST
Enactus and served as Fundraising Officer; a student for PaNhari
learning Passport to Success; and was a Treasurer for the Youth
Committee at St Francis Xavier Parish.
Granted it was not easy juggling all of these at once, I felt like the more I wanted to give up the more I wanted to push harder and achieve more. For a while, things were going great in my life then I got confronted with a bit of trouble. I began facing challenges in my personal life during my second year. I needed a distraction – good or bad. Anything that could help me take my mind off things and that’s when I was given the greatest opportunity ever. I had graduated in the Passport to Success class and was given an opportunity to become a Campus Coordinator.This was a lot of work but fortunately I had someone to help take the load off, a fellow campus coordinator, John Nhamoinesu. Working as a campus coordinator made me more confident, it gave me a mentality of a better leader and groomed me for the corporate world.
Being a part of all these amazing and wonderful groups opened doors for me. Now I am currently working as an HR intern for one of the largest organizations in the world, Unilever Zimbabwe. I am also currently working on a project with two of my friends that could lead us to greater heights –
both long term and short term.I do what I do because I constantly tell myself “do something that your future self will thank you for,” as I always have to think about my future, my family to come and my old self. I also have to think about my little sister – being the eldest in a family of 2 can put a tremendous weight on one’s shoulders. I have to lead by example. I have to make sure that she will look up to me and say she made it and so can I.

I am Tanyaradzwa Alyce Rukuwah and this is only just the beginning of my story.


Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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