Niall Horan drops sexy new single Slow Hands

Niall Horan drops sexy new single Slow Hands

‘Fingertips putting on a show.’ Good grief Niall.

The 1D lad has dropped his new single Slow Hands and it’s giving Zayn’s Pillowtalk a run for its money with its sexiness.

‘Back sweat dripping down the dirty laundry,’ he sings. Lovely.

He told Dan Wootton at The Sun: ‘We just made up a concept around a sexy night out, meeting up with a girl in this club and hoping she’s going to come home with me.

‘It surprised me, to be honest. This is the most out-there song on the album. I wanted to try something different.

‘When it started coming together I started getting a bit freaked out and began telling the producer to start toning things back a bit so it doesn’t sound as funky.

‘But then I grew into it and I really liked it.’

Can it take on Harry Styles’ Sweet Creature for the race to the top of the charts? Listen to it here:  SlowHands

From: Metro UK    with minor editing from Prowl


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