5 Rules of Email Etiquette You Need to Know

There’s a lot to consider when sending a work email or an email to an important person, like the correct way to address the recipient .To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you perfect your email etiquette.

  1. Choose your email address wisely

Nothing is embarrassing as sending an email such as hotgirl@gmail.com to a potential client or human resources manager .If you’re sending an email to a potential employee or client ,use your school email address if you are in varsity or create a Gmail or yahoo mail that is plan and less provocative . It’s your email address that first captures the eye of any reader thus don’t embarrass yourself.

  1. Create a concise subject line

Most people read emails based on the subject line alone thus make sure your email subject line is relevant and brief. Use logical key words that pertain directly to the content of your email. If this is an urgent message, indicate that in the subject line but avoid using all caps.  Never send an email with no subject line.


  1. Address your recipient by name

Never send an email to a user that you may have called at one time or met in person that knows you well. To Whom It May Concern should be used when you are uncertain to whom you are sending an email to. Only address the person with a nickname or name if they have signed off like that.


  1. Be polite

Avoid excessive or aggressive punctuation, like exclamation points. These can be misinterpreted in an email because the recipient cannot see your facial expressions or body language, and they cannot hear your intended tone of voice. The same goes for typing in all caps.

  1. Pay attention to grammar and spelling

Make sure you spell check—multiple times if it’s an especially important email. Never use slang or emoji’s at all.


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