Gird Your Loins: The Guide You Need

Gird Your Loins: The Guide You Need

Jumpsuits are bae, period.  They come in many forms and they have all the perks of a cute summer dress without worrying about the gust of wind causing everyone to see your underwear. But they can be annoying when you desperately need to use the bathroom so FYI don’t wear them at a festival or a concert .As much as that is a problem ,finding that perfect fit is the utmost important thing and so here are our foolproof ways to buy and rock the perfect fit for you .

  1. Nothing is as annoying as a jumpsuit that overemphasizes your crotch than your broad shoulders .Don’t just grab and go a jumpsuit unless you want to wear it a few weeks later and display your crotch for the world to see. BEFORE YOU BUY please try it out
  2. Be wary of your suit’s material and make sure it can hold in heat and moisture .Nothing is unattractive as material that clings to the body on a hot sweaty day. Synthetic material is known to hold in heat and moisture than cotton, thus making them unbearable on a hot day.
  3. Some of the cutest, most unique jumpsuits can be found at Kotamai .This works when you looking for a killer design and jaw dropping print. Its okay to visit *kotamai* for those unique jumpsuit pieces and affordable price.
  4. When in doubt pick a jumpsuit with a cinched waist. This style emphasizes your waist perfectly.

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