Do you know how to tame him?

Do you know how to tame him?

I was having a glorious time until he showed up with his heavy breathing and bone chilling hugs and ruined my summer vacay and left a few scars on my body .Girl I hate what winter does to my skin and thus I went hunting for the handbag essentials I need to combat dry skin and have awesome skin in winter .Who says you can’t have glowing skin in winter? Read on for the essentials you need:

a)Hand cream

Hand lotion is a must have for winter! You might need to find something that is truly nourishing and can help combat those dry hands. My favorite hand lotion is an Avroy Shlain that costs $4 and fits perfectly in my handbag –doesn’t hurt that it smells great as well.

b) Lip Balms

Nothing beats chapped lips on the unattractive list! It’s a winter norm that lips will get super dry and ruin a perfectly good outfit .Treat your lips with a fruit flavored lip balm available in pharmacies for a $1 or the regular Vaseline.


This wasn’t obvious to me until I was stuck with a runny nose and no tissue in sight. The good thing about this guy is that he is underweight and you can have a huge dose of him in your handbag and not pull a muscle. The cool part about tissues? Tissues can be used for a lot of things and not the norm sniff only.


Gloves are just perfect and stylish thus don’t forget to grab yours when dashing out of the house.

What are your handbag essentials for winter? !!

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