5 Ways to Care for Your Natural Hair in Winter

5 Ways to Care for Your Natural Hair in Winter

or every natural-hair-rocking soul sister out there, here are some haircare tips to help you protect your curls this winter.

Choose a protective hairstyle
Protective hairstyles don’t only guard your natural hair against the harsh winter weather, they’re also super-cute and fun to rock. Slay and keep your natural crown protected in various styles, from stylish braids to chic bantu knots and fancy cornrows.

Try a deep-conditioning treatment
Double up on the conditioner because your hair needs that extra moisture. Invest in a leave-in conditioner that’s hydrating and moisturising. During winter, you should focus more on deep-conditioning your hair rather than just washing it.

Invest in richer hair butters and oils
Swap your lighter hair products (i.e. summer products) for thicker, richer ones to keep your hair hydrated in winter. Shea butter and murumuru butter are great for nourishing the scalp, while oils rich in vitamin E like argan oil and olive oil help to keep moisture locked in.

Don’t air-dry your hair
Leave the air-drying for summer, fam! When you air-dry your hair in winter, it can cause breakage. So instead, blow-dry your hair on the lowest heat setting, combing it out with your fingers.

Avoid winter fabrics
Unfortunately, my natural-hair sisters, we need to stay far away from all things wool. The friction from wearing wool hats or beanies can thin out your hair. Try wearing a satin or silk headwrap underneath your wool beanie for protection, or you can wear a satin-lined beanie.



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