SONG REVIEW: Mr Kata & VA – All Star Zunguza Remix

SONG REVIEW: Mr Kata & VA – All Star Zunguza Remix

Bulawayo hip-hop artist Mr.Kata has just dropped a remix to his song Zunguza and he enlisted some serious firepower.

The remix features Guluva Se7en, Kbrizzy, Cal_Vin, Mc Chita, Asaph, Raydizz, and Yung Reezy. With different flows the song constantly shifts from one verse to another in a surprising way and the world it conjures into being is a compelling place to dwell from start to finish.

Cal_Vin, Guluva Se7en, Mc Chita and Asaph could be the main reason you should pay attention, but it’s the uncelebrated Kbrizzy, Yung Reesy and even Kata himself that may astonish you.

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