What Being Broke Taught Me

What Being Broke Taught Me

Here are 5 things I learnt when I was broke:


  1. You actually begin to save.

When you broke the thought of buying lunch or unnecessary stuff becomes as repulsive as the rotting banana peels from two months ago in an unattended rubbish man. You find yourself packing a lunch bag –and yes that spinach sandwich begins to taste like a bacon and cheese sandwich.

  1. Need vs. want

You don’t realise the amount of self control you have until you are standing in front of a bath soap that cost $4.99 and you have $5.00 in your wallet and that Geisha soap begins to look attractive.  Only when I was broke that I would weigh the need vs. want before a purchase.

  1. You find cheaper alternatives

It’ s so easy to want to go out every Friday with the girls when the money is there but when the wallet is screaming you end up finding cheap alternatives . I ended up hosting sleepovers so I wouldn’t have to pay a dime for anything.

  1. You become a pro

You have a date and getting your hair done will eat through the little money you have .You about to cry yourself a river when you remember that your BFF does hair (not like your hairdresser ). Being broke makes you network a whole lot and you become a pro at something so you can cash in something.

  1. You learn who your true friends are.

Only at the lowest point in your life will you know who your friends are and that point for me was being ‘the broke one’. Only true friends will not allow you to walk around with a bad hair day for a week, eat noodles for supper and walk with a torn slipper. Keep the friends that don’t make you feel inferior for being broke.

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