Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Be Early For Work

Arriving early to work does not sound like the most cool thing to do, mainly because it means getting up an hour  earlier . But there are some great reasons  why arriving early for work could be good for you and it doesn’t hurt that you can actually impress your boss in the process. Here are the pro’s of  going to work early :

1. You avoid the morning traffic jam .

Nothing irks  motorists or idle passengers in the Combi than running late because you stuck in traffic . When you leave early for work ,you are likely to avoid passenger or road rage .I

2. You can actually have coffee.

When you arrive early you can actually have coffee/cereal or tea without you being hurried . My boss is an early bird and so he always has his coffee before we all get there and before water is finished (darn that dispenser).

3. You look organized

Arriving early means you have the opportunity to plan out your day and stay on top of your game and of cause finish off yesterday’s job.


4. You can actually tweet and post a selfie.

If you have a hard time getting any social media time during the day , arriving early will allow you to tweet and post a selfie before it gets busy.




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