What Bank You Should Use

What Bank You Should Use

Between stressing about your first day outfit or shopping for your first handbag , one of the last things on your mind is what bank to use . It happens to the best of us but we are here to offer our suggestions so that you don’t have to crack your head open .


CBZ has  ATMs all around town making it easy for you to locate a branch nearby. CBZ offers  a debit card that is linked to your mobile number ” SMART CASH ”  which is a popular choice among students (including us ). The bank also provides convenient services online, such as the cool AF CBZ Touch APP , to help make your life easier  ( girl you don’t have to sleep in the dark when you have a Smart Cash Account ). CBZ is the way to go if you’re looking to set up an account without any hassles. They also have a Savings Accounts Option .

Stanbic Bank

Prowlers  love their acronyms, and  Uncle Stan is one of them!Stanbic Bank has an awesome savings account that you could utilize when you decide to save money for your first car or house “Uncle Stan Has you ” or to save a little bit of your stash .


POSB has great savings accounts and quite ideal for the student and recent grad . The Smart Save Account is quite a big thing for the smart cutie varsity girl that loves to save.


Sticking with the buddy you’ve trusted your whole life (4+ years) is not a problem. Why change now ? Even if this is not a bank , this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. This is a buddy  that you can choose to connect to your bank account. When you don’t have cash or want to split a bill or expense with a friend who also has Ecocash , you can send them money through Ecocash.



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