The festive season is upon us and with that comes the dreaded office and campus parties to bid farewell to the year gone past. Yes friends, we have completed another revolution around the sun and we want to celebrate this. Prowl has a guide on how to survive the festive season financially and emotionally because the festive fever is not always a positive experience.

So you have survived the year with graceful declines to get-togethers with the people you work with or study with. Then comes the end of the year where the added pressure of togetherness makes it seem essential to attend events you want nothing to do with. Good relations with your community are essential but, if you’re anything like me, you are not a fan of the pretentious hugs and kisses. There is a thin line between exchanging niceties and being two faced and so I try to remember something I read somewhere “YOUR COWORKERS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, GET YOUR MONEY AND GO HOME.” However, not all coworkers are not your friends, but you know your squad. Do not get roped into spending money you don’t have to attend parties with people you don’t like because you got invited. Sometimes it is necessary to look a gift invite in the mouth.

This one is no joke. I remember Christmas of 2015 when “ma problems ese disappear” was all the hype. We would spend unnecessarily because as the song said “ndoda kumboita happy”(I just want to be happy). So take heed of my warning and keep an eye out for catchy tunes that make you forget that though the holidays should be stress free, you should not create stresses for yourself to face after the holidays. January disease is a real thing and our doctors are not qualified to treat it.

It seems everyone is paired up this season. Every Instagram news feed has some sort of engagement, wedding or anniversary and well for some, the same can’t be said. You are not alone, nor do you need ‘bae’ to make this festive season somewhat perfect. Look at it this way, at least you don’t have to spend on a gift. Instead all your money goes to something that you want. Moreover this season is perfect for hanging out with friends and just rebooting from the crazy school or work year, you do not need bae for that. TV shows are getting renewed and Lucious Lyon is hotter than ever. There is plenty to do without having to accommodate love into the whole mix so buckle up and get started.

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